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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year! 

Let's ring in the New Year with a pathetic batch of quizzes to show I have no life!! YAY!!!!! *throws confetti* *blows on noise maker and starts coughing cuz of illness*

Wicked Lady
You are Wicked Lady. Also known as Dark Lady or
Black Lady, you are the evil that lurks within
Rini/Chibi-Usa that was brought out by evil.
You careless about anything on the outside, but
really you miss who you were. You return to
your form when you see memories of the past.

What Phase of Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon are You?
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Mysterious - Your ideal guy is suave and
mysterious. He's cool in all that he does and
holds an edgy charm that attracts you to him.
Turn ons: He's always coming up with some cool new
way to suprise you.
Turn offs: You don't always know what he's doing,
where he is - or who he's with. Watch him.

What is your ideal type of guy? (With Pictures)
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...I love Jon. He's SOO not this. Jon's my type. Cuz I love Jon. SO THERE MYSTERIOUS DUDE. TAKE THAT!!! NYAAAAAH!!
You are a medium. You look into
the spiritual side of the unknown to help
people find closure, and because you like to
put on a show.

What Seeker of the Unknown Are You?
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You are a Strawberry Daquiri! Sweet, fun-loving,
sassy...what more can we say?!?! You love to be
the life of the party. You are obviously a
social butterfly, have flirting down to a tee,
and lets say you don't have a problem flaunting
your flavor and sexy style. Your tart taste is
advertised with a punch, and everyone knows
you've got to be somebody special.

********WHAT DRINK ARE YOU??????*********(cmon i know you wanna know) ;)
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You've got your head stuck in the clouds, but that isn't a bad thing.  That is a beautiful thing and you kow it!  You are a deep thinker and very creative. You enjoy asking question
Your spirit lies in the clouds! You've got your
head stuck in the clouds, but that isn't a bad
thing. That is a beautiful thing and you know
it! You are a deep thinker and very creative.
You enjoy asking questions, exploring new
places, things, ideas, and reflecting on your
own thoughts, because of this you are always
changing and transforming. This makes you a
very interesting character and people never
tire of you, because there is always something
new about you to learn! Some people may think
you are an extrovet, because you express
yourself so well. Really, you are an
introvert. You are inclined to be turned
inward and reserved. You just like to
entertain people! You are very sensitive. You
have a poetic soul and your feelings are easily
hurt. You tend to bottle up your emotions,
because of this, and your creative nature you
probably are drawn to the arts. You need an
artistic outlet to express yourself, because
you are so easily overwhelmed by your emotions.
You are witty and charming and young children
are drawn to you, because of your love to
entertain. You fascinate them like a magician

Where In Nature Does Your Spirit Lie?
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Diagnosis not quite Mono 

OK. So it's NOT mono that I have, but something a lot like it. The crappy thing is I feel totally fine but I can't do anything today. It's a "Mono like virus". I have my appettite back!!
So I'll prolly gain back those 2 lbs I lost. Dad and I were watching VH1 and he'd leave and come back with food and offer it to me and then I'd eat more and a little more ... gah. Dad thinks it's funny that I'm worried about my weight. It's not. Funny that is.
So, this thing we were watching on VH1 was about fueds. There was one about Eminem and Moby. Then they had this dog puppet (I don't get it either) talking about it and the puppet was like "you know, Eminem, he's all right. His hairs so soft and beagle's balls" and my dad thought that was the funniest thing EVER. It was funny, but he keeps bringing it's not...THAT funny. It was amusing the first time, and maaaybe the second time, but not the 3rd through whateverth time.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Uh huh...I'm sick...again.  

Apparently, I have mono. Or something really really closely related to it. Went to the doctor today. They gave me a strep test and that was negative. Then they took my blood. *faints* I HATE having my blood drawn. I *HATE* needles. We get the results tomorrow. :P
On the bright side, I don't feel TERRIBLE. Just, really really tired and off. And I can hardly eat. I mean, I'm hungry, starved, but when I eat, I get nauseated. So...yeah. And my throat...heh...the doctor looked at it and said "HAVE YOU SEEN HER THROAT?? {to my dad} It's red and PUS-ee". Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.
On the bright side, I went to Hot Topic today. I got some thigh high stockings and some fishnets. :-D They had fangs at Hot Topic! I wanted them so bad!!
Then Dad and I went to Suncoast and I bought some Pucca and stared lovingly at the InuYasha shirt that I muchly wanted. Then Dad and I got the BEST chocolate ice cream IN THE WORLD. It was so chocolate, it was almost black. My stomach may have hurt after I ate it, but it was worth it. So worth it.
The we went to Best Buy but was rushed quickly out because there was a guy there that Dad knows and REALLY didn't want to talk to. We then went to CD Warehouse and got 4 DVDs for about $27. # music ones and then an Animated version of Spawn!! Picked up Jersey Mikes for lunch. I ate most of my sub. Made me icky. Played the Sims. Mom and Dad had pizza for dinner, I ate nothing. Went to Gramma's and the library with Mom. Came home, ate ramen (hasn't made me too sick), and here I am now.
Considering the fact that I'm supposed to take it easy, I've been running around a lot. :-P

Monday, December 29, 2003

"Slow down, Mario!"  

That's what my dad says to drivers who are speeding, or, in today's case, when I step on the gas just a teeny bit too much. I only did that a few times tho.
Yes, I DROVE!!!!!!!! Hehehehehehe...Dad and I spent an hour in the Sam's parking lot driving around. Rather, I drove, Dad told me when to stop, go, turn, etc. The VERY basics, which Dad said I did very well at, for someone with no driving experience other than on a quad once. And a quad is way harder than a car. But I did well. I'm proud of myself.
Our Landlady popped over today. Her highpitched voice cut through the soft flutterings of the Haibane (The anime I was watching at the time) and caused my headache to enlarge.
Yeah, I woke up feeling pretty crappy. All I've eaten today is a box of Blue's Clues mac and cheese. I could barely eat it. My throat has hurt for the last 3 days. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I will be dragged to the doctor tomorrow. The combination of the above symptoms and my clogged ears and coughing up phlegm, and headache and whatnot make Mom believe I have strep and an ear infection. I'm pretty sure she's right on some level, considering the pattern of 8 ear infections, sinus infections, and strep all together last year.
La dee dah. I don't feel that bad, really, just...really off. Dad and I were gonna go to Tricounty Mall (SUNCOAST! and HOT TOPIC) and Best Buy tomorrow. We shall see...

Sunday, December 28, 2003

And now, I know you've ALL been waiting for these... 

WIMP! You're such a cry-baby. Instead of just
settling into a life of... you know... evil,
you had to go stick to your human morals. With
your respect for life, you're prey, not
predator. Better clean up quick, wimpy.

What SORT of Vampire would you be?
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You are a November 1 candy grab: If you
aren't out on All Saints' Day rooting through
the discount bins, it is only because you
purposefully bought way more than you needed
and then gave one piece to each trick-or-
treater, you stingy bastard!

What Post-Holiday Consequence Are You?
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Moon Mask
You control the ngiht. You are very lazy and all
you want to do is sleep and that is what your
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hope you had fun

What mask should you wear?(new 19 outcomes with pics)
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Why do you cry?

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You are Anarcho-Capitalist

What: Anarcho-Capitalism

Where: At the distant top-right of the politcal spectrum

How: Anarcho-Capitalists believe that big business should take over goverment to the point of government not existing. While they believe there should be law, they also believe that the law should be owned by businesses. Anarcho-capitalism is a modern belief and has never been attempted.

What political extremity are you?

No. I am not a capitalist.
You are Film.
You are the youngest of the art forms and you have
a lot to prove. A blend of Photography and
Drama, it's difficult to see you as a unique

What form of art are you?
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Not Cute
You're Just... Not Cute. What more can I say? Look!
There's even a skull and crossbones where
YOU should be!

What Kind of Cute are You?
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That...really....really hurts. REALLY.
bowie relaxing
Goth Bowie- No one knows what you talking about
most fo the time. Who is Patty? At any rate you
make catchy songs and have goodtaste in
clothing. You like Alexander McQueen as a
designer. You are his Outside and Earthling

"What Bowie Persona Are You"
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Bloggity blog blog 

heh. I guess I forsook you yesterday, didn't I Bloggy? *pets Blog* Sorry.
Yesterday Jon came over. Happiness. We watched X2 and hung out. He brought the ES-G335 which is the MOST beautiful guitar I have EVER seen. It'*sighs for lack of words*. Heh. And the case has HOT HOT pink furry lining and the blue of the guitar and the pink of the lining look awesome together. If I had a guitar like that, I'd play everyday. No matter what. Heh. That's what I said when I got the one I have now. :-P
Today was sooooooo pretty. Unnaturally so. There wasn't a cloud in the sky today, and it was the same blue as the feathers on Louis. So pretty. Dad and I went golfing. I did horribly. I was all stiff cuz I haven't played in a while. Now my back hurts and I think I pulled my knee. But whatever. Came home, tried to read, didn't work. Ate dinner, then played "The Sims Makin' Magic" for 2 hours. Fun fun. Shower, played with rabbit, have stomach ache, and now here I am. Oh my life, so full, so enriching... >.> not.
I think Dad's gonna take me driving tomorrow. O.O Wish me luck.

Friday, December 26, 2003


An explanation of that last post. That was Sybil, who did a loverly job of revamping my bloggy and of updating her link. She changed the font color (ain't it purdy) and added this AWESOME piccy of Dark Chi, from Chobits.
As is such, I am apparently Sybbie's Muse. Look at me in my silky toga and chinese slippers and Peruvian poncho and baseball cap with "MUSE" embroidered on it. Don't I just inspire you?
*hands Sybbie cookie AND pudding*
You deserve both. :D

(8) Help! You know I need someone (8) 

As usual, Sybil demands a cookie.

Ahh, you have pudding, muse? Well thats so much better. I thank you.

La dee da 

Today was good. Went to LOTR3 with Laura. It was great. Again.
Gave Laura her prezzies. She liked. I got Haibene Renmei from her!!! The DVD!! YAY! Her parents gave me this prettyful ceramic unicorn thing that's up on my wall right now.
Came home. Ate. Which I'm trying to lay off of. Then Dad and I went to MediaPlay and I spent the money from my Aunt and Uncle. I got the uber awesome prettyful book of InuYasha Art and InuYasha 16!! Then Dad and I went to CD/Game Exchange and I got Cowboy Bebop the movie for $12. Came home and spent an hour loading The Sims, THe Sims Livin' Large, and FINALLY THE SIMS MAKIN' MAGIC!!!! THen I played it for a while. Ate somemore, read a little, here I am.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

So this is Xmas... 

I love that song. Of course my favorite Christmas song would be by God...I mean John Lennon. I love it "Happy Xmas War Is Over".
La. Good man. Great man.
Today has been a good day. I woke up and opened prezzies. I like my prezzies muchly!!
I got (today):
1. Set of 48 Prismacolor colored pencils!! The best possible, and they came with some new sketching pencils too!
2. Pirates of the Carribean DVD (YAY!! PRETTY JOHNNY DEPP!!!!)
4. Oil pastels!!
5. A Beatles Magazine! With prettyful pictures!
6. A book about John Lennon aka God! It's soooooo cool!!
7. A book of Mantlepiece art (aka mass-produced art of the 60s).
8. Some orange tie-dye slippers that are so soft and tall they squish when I walk. THey have platform disco shoes appliqued on them and say "groovy". (from sister)
9. A red photo album (from Aunt Nadine and Uncle Tim)
10. $30 (also from Aunt Nadine and Uncle Tim)
11. 4 boxes of Pocky, 5 things of Hello Kitty Yan Yan, a WHOLE bowl of fortune cookies, 4 special cherry lime sodas and 4 special German Orange sodas!! and chocolate coins
12. These neat little books from the 60s that you get at cash registers
This does not include the stuff I have recieved beforehand from Grandparents and friends because I'm too lazy to type it in twice.
After that Dad and I went to Uncle Tim's house and hung for a while. My cousin had a cold, and was much more subdued than usual. In a good way. Then we came home and Ann had brought Fabien and Ettienne over and they gave me a $15 giftcard to Target. YAY! More socks! (that's not sarcasm, that's actual happieness). Then my sister and Mike came over and we had dinner and opened prezzies and watched the Griswold's Christmas Vacation.
Twas a good Christmas.
Tomorrow I'm gonna see LOTR3 again with Laura and we shall exchange prezzies. Then Saturday Jon comes over and I'm gonna see if Dad will take us to MediaPlay cuz I wanna buy that InuYasha book.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas Eve  

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...except for me, Mom, Lesley, Cedric, Louis, Lestat and YakiTori, all of whom don't sleep much. Hee
Today we went to HalfPrice books and then to the thrift store. I got COMBAT BOOTS!!! Yes! And some skirts and a shawl thing and a neat hat! Then we went home and watched "Bruce Almighty" while I wrapped the remaining presents. Ok movie. I don't like Jim Carrie. He's creepy. Then had dinner and mom and I went to Gramma's and I gave Gramma and Grampa their xmas prezzies (non-objective abstracts, done in oil pastels by moi) and they liked them. They were happy about me having my temps.
Then Mom and Dad let me open one present (like always), the one from Gramma and Grampa King. It's this old antique looking (but not) chest that I don't even know how to beging to describe. It's just so awesome!!! I also got $100!! and another $100 from my Gramma and Grampa Feltner!! \/\/007!!
There's packages under the tree for me, and I poked them all and I've figured out 3. One contains pencils. 2 contain dvds. I think. I hope. We shall see tomorrow.
Merry Ramahanu Kwanzmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003


I HAVE MY TEMPS!!!!! hehehehehehehehehehehe!

I got an 88% on the test. I should have done better but on the one's I missed I thought "This is the right answer...nooo...this is" and the one's I initially thought were correct but wasn't sure, really were.
There was this sheriff who was a JERK. He was talking to this guy from India who had a thick accent, but was still understandable. He was like "What's your phone number?" and the Indian guy couldn't remember, which is a mistake anyone can make, especially if you've JUST moved. So, somehow, the sheriff was like "Do you know even know what a cell phone is? A CELL PHONE?" and that was totally irrelevant anyway...but he was an ethnocentric jerkwad who I wanted to slap! Then he was getting the dude's license plate, and was like "I don't understand you one bit! We have to start all over!" and he was a total *&)(^*^%&*5&^%&^$$# , so yeah.
But I have my temps! YAY!
What did I do other than that today? Oh yeah. I went to Merediths and we watched Dogma on her computer. And then we ate ham and then played with legos. Legos are awesome. I love them so much!
Meredith got me the awesomest Beatles poster for Xmas and it's all prettyful on my wall. I finally got around to hanging up my other posters too! (Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Woodstock, Marvel Comics 25th Anniversary). YAY!!!
Tomorrow is xmas eve and I get to open a present. The one from my grandparents. Then Xmas when I see my uncle and cousins and aunt. Then my sister and her husband are coming over. I still need to wrap so many prezzies (for my cousins, for Fabien, for Chrissy and Mike....) but mom keeps refusing to get them out...and it's SO annoying. Then on Friday I'm going to see LOTR3 (again) with Laura and we shall exchange prezzies! Then Saturday Jon's coming over. Then...I have a whole week to fill up. FILL IT UP PEOPLE!

Monday, December 22, 2003


Tomorrow I get my temps.
I just took the practice test online and got 100%!!!
I hope that's my score tomorrow!!

Neeeeewport!! YAY!!! 

Today I woke up with an extremely stuffed head and I could barely speak. Yup. Sinuses...*shakes fist*.
Mom babysat today and Kiara (her charge) cried soooo much cuz of the poor little thing's ear infection. I don't like kids, and I don't like crying ones even more, but I have to feel bad for her because I've had bad ear infections and sympathize. So, to get away, Dad and I went to 3 libraries. I got a ton of books for reading over break. I'm so happy! I found two more books written by Francesca Lia Block!! YAY! I love her books cuz she always writes about girls with problems that bang lots of guys and smoke and drink but that's not the cool part. That's actually the sad part. The cool part is all her protagonists see faeries or have powers or something, but it's not that crappy "Circle of Three" kind of stereotype stuff. This is COOL. And the faeries arent' all good either. And that's awesome too. And I got a bunch of Shonen Jump out of the library too. And some Royal Diaries. They are easy books, but I like that kind of historical stuff.
So then I studied for my temps test that I'm hopefully taking tomorrow. Hopefully. WISH ME LUCK!!!
Tonight I had so much fun at Newport with Jon and Matt and Lisa. It's not like we did much. We basically just hung out. We went and ate at Johnny Rockets and the waiter was hilarious. He talked kinda like Elvis Presley and was going on about how if you're there after 8:30 and our age we'll get checked to see if we're stealing fish ...and then he did smiley faces with the ketchup except Matt laughed and got a frowny face. Matt brought out his extendable fork and stole some fries and then the waiter asked to borrow it...God only knows what he did with it... Then we went to this candy shop and I got some cotton candy (which will prolly keep me up all night). We wandered around a bit (I got scared going up the of my irrational fears, so Jon held tight to make me feel better). We finally sat down at a table in front of Mrs. Fields and Justin (Monkeyboy, also apparently a Hobbit) ran into us with his friend Will. Then we went outside and sat. Then we came home and hung out. Then it was just me and Lisa and that was cool. Then it was me and Lisa and her dad and my dad talking business and exchanging business cards.
Take temps test and go to merediths! YAY!

Sunday, December 21, 2003


La. Today has been rather uneventful. I cleaned out my drawers and took some clothes to Once Upon A Child in hopes of cash. Yeah, I got cash. $4.50. Feh.
I really really really need a job. I just saw the awesomest InuYasha Art Collection, manga style, at Media play for $23. I WANT IT SO BAD! And on top of that, IY 16 has come out, as well as XDay 2 (yes, the one where the kids plan to blow up the school) and I WANT I WANT I WANT!! And then there was all the uber nummy appetizing Japanese treats that were exhorbitantly$$$$$$$...
Aaaanyway. Tomorrow I'm going to Newport on the Levee with Jon and Matt and we're gonna meet Lisa there. I think we're gonna check out Hot Topic (at mine and Lisa's bequest) and this candy store (again, me and Lisa) and Dewey's (agreement on all our parts). Again, I need money. I've got enough but still. It's pooey. Stupid child labor laws that keep me reliant on my parents for cash...*sighs angrily*
I tried talking Dad into taking me to The Contemporary Art Museum sometime over break. I hope it works out. I think I'm getting my temps sometime over break too. That means I get to learn to drive in the snow and ice! Yay! >.> Not.
Dad wants to go golfing tomorrow. We'll see how late I sleep...and how cold it is...I don't like the idea of golfing in the cold. Today would have been alright, but the courses won't let you play if there's snow on the course. So, yeah. Dad's hoping for the snow to melt, and I'm...not. I don't like being cold. But whatever.

*rattles tin cup* money? money? anyone wanna give the poor little one money? *rattles cup*

Saturday, December 20, 2003


Today I went to Everybody's and then the library and I finally finally got a refill on my allergy medicine, which will help my "cold like thing".
Then I went with mom to Target (tar-jay) and used up some of my giftcards in buying: a pair of black and white striped socks, some knee socks (preppy yes, but i can pull it off), some arm warmers, and some leg warmers, a flashback to the 80s!!!! Well, the 80s and modern day Japan. Mom also bought me an Animerica mag today because she didn't get my subscription that I was gonna get for Xmas. Instead, I get that for my birthday and they buy me an Animerica every month til then. In the place of this subscription, I get The Sims Makin' Magic CD Rom!!! But. I can't have it til Xmas, and I had to wrap it myself. So now, it's all wrapped up in pretty shiny purple paper with ribbon and a bow. I shall loyally poke it every day until Xmas morning, when I shall unwrap it and act oh so surprised.
I have come to the conclusion: I need a job. Or I need to stop buying things I want. Or I need friends who will buy me the things I want. Nah. I'll just get a job when I turn 16.
I still need to wrap Dad's prezzie (which I got today at Sam's) and Mom's (which I had last week) and Mom's from Dad, because I am the official gift wrapper of the family. It's sad, but I actually enjoy wrapping presents. It's fun to make them pretty and then see this large pile of shiny prezzies just waiting to be torn apart, all your hard taping and ribbon tying work torn asunder by the grubby little hands of small greedy cousins and neighbors. *sighs*
Well, If Jon (or matt, or Lisa) ever gets online, I can tell them the Newport info. *Stares pointedly in there directions, willing them to get online*.
I ran into Mem at Sam's. She was arguing with her mom over whether or not her mom would look good in this particular pink turtleneck. It clashed with both of their dyed red hair. Yes, they both dye their hair red. Gramma was just remembering when I still had red hair. And it was natural. YES PEOPLE I WAS BORN WITH RED HAIR. Mom always remembers when Gramma Carol first saw me and said "Give me that red-headed hussy!". Yes... I love my family... *sighs* >.>
Now it's icky and blonde and mom told me point blank my hair is not pretty. Way to go on boosting my confidence Mom. THANKS A LOT!
Anyway. Yeah. I have nothing to do.
Feh. *Growls*

Friday, December 19, 2003



>.< *takes deep breath* I just saw LOTR3!!!! IT R0XX0R3D SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!! Viggo, move over, I am now officially loving Feramir's pretty blue eyes more than you. And now that I'm on break, I have the time to read the books.
What do I have planned for break?
Well, Let's take a look see, shall we?
To Do (not necessarily in this order):
1. Stab the person or persons who made me sick.
2. Go to Newport with Jon and Matt and Lisa (still in planning stages)
3. Get Dad's Xmas prezzie.
4. Wrap Xmas prezzies.
5. Unwrap Xmas prezzies :D
6. Go to Uncle Tim's on Xmas day.
7. Hang out with friends (THAT MEANS CALL ME STUPIDS...of course, I shouldn't insult you if I want you to do something...hmmm....I take it back. Just call me.)
8. Have snowball fight and hopefully go sledding sometime. (see above)
9. Hang out with friends (see above)

I wanna be somewhere warm...New Zealand, Jamaica...I envy my traveling friends.
But the snow is pretty. So it's all good.
SCHOOL IS OUT!! \/\/007!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Exams are ALMOST over 

Exams are almost over. I practically killed myself studying last night for Chem and math. Then today I practically killed myself taking them.
Tomorrow, I take my LAST exam, english. 60 multiple choice questions and an essay. Shouldn't be too bad. I reread my notes.
Then I think dad's taking me and Laura to Buskin's tomorrow morning which means donuts and cappacino! And Then dad and I are gonna go see LOTR3!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Pretty Feramir with pretty eyes and pretty Viggo!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

on 3, start your exams 

I took my Art exam and my Spanish one.
Art was cool. We had to draw a realistic one from a drawing. Ren and I both did the same one (one of a nude girl with a scarf on her head from the back). Then we had to abstract it and then do a non objective. It was cool. Me, Ren, and this 9th grader, Rachel finally had conversations for the first time ever. We talked about old cartoons we watched and sharpy markers and clothes and then Ren and I were talking about how unrealistic the proportions (namely of the girls breast) were in the painting. In art, we listened to Charlie Brown Xmas, some chorus music, and in a short moment of insanity, Ms. George put on a cd of Cats meowing xmas songs.
Spanish, I studied a bit, then slept, then listened to music, then took the exam. Half the words we hadn't learned. I swear. And those were ones he said we had had but we hadn't, and ones we had had he said we hadn't. GAH.
So my math tutor came over tonight and retought me some stuff. I understand now. It's partially a confidence booster when she tells me how smart i am and how quickly i get concepts, but then it's like "WHY AM I DOING SO BADLY THEN??" and then I realize, IT"S THE STUPID MISTAKES!!!! And then all my confidence is replaced with forced memorization of stupid little math rules.
I studied 2 chapters of Anthropology. I'll study the rest in Health (cuz I don't have to take that exam!!!)

Monday, December 15, 2003


OOOOOOH I LOVE SAMANTHA!!! She got me Ceres: Celestial Legend for Xmas!!!! I was about to buy that this weekend. But I didn't. And now I have it!! AND IT"S SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! I already finished it tho! Waaaah *wants the next one*

Anyway. Art exam and Spanish exam tomorrow.

I'm exempt from the health exam! YAY!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

IT SNOWED!!!!!! and my head hurts... >.< 

I woke up this morning to the sound of mom's gleeful shouts of "They got him! They got him!". The him being Saddam Hussein. Dad asked me what i thought and I said "how do they know it's really him?" and dad said they did DNA tests, which I suppose I can believe. I mean, I'm still a bit skeptical, because, how do we know they don't just have an actor and haven't faked the tests? What? I wouldn't put it past them, would you?
Then I watched "The Hebrew Hammer" on Comedy Central. HILARIOUS good movie. Then I studied my math a bit and marked the places where I need help and need to study extra on. Then I made Scooby Doo macaroni and cheese for lunch and watched a show on the daughters of Rock stars with dad until Jon came over. We hung out for a bit and then watched "A Hard Day's Night" and then hung some more and ate an uber nummy dinner of London Broil and fries. YUMMYKINS!!!!
I dread this week. I can't wait for it to be over. The exams I'm really worried about are Algebra, Chemistry, and Anthropology, in that order. I'm gonna try and study Algebra every day.Might not do me any good, but then again, it might.
My exams are in this order:
Tuesday: Art and Spanish
Wednesday:Health and Anthropology
Thursday: Chemistry and Algebra 2 (WHY ARE THE 2 HARDEST ON THE SAME DAY??? WHYYYY?????)
Friday: English

THEN XMAS BREAK!!!!!!! I'll get to see LOTR3 and The Missing and see my sister and my uncle and cousins and hang out with friends. *nods* I need a break desperately. I really really do.

Saturday, December 13, 2003


Well, I couldn't sleep so I woke up at 9. Promptly was fed ramen and taken to the grocery store where dad and I stocked up on fatty snacks like ice cream and stuff. Why? Because dad does'nt like seeing me not eating.
Then we went to the thrift store and got my mom's xmas pressie. We went to Barnes and Noble and dad got two "Uncut" mags with Tribute CDs to THe Clash (WHO ROCK). I really really really wanted to get an Animerica and NewType but I needed my money for prezzies.
Then we went to Half Price and daddy sold a lot of books. Then we went to World market where I got POCKY and a LLAMA (who's name is Three L llama) as well as Meredith's Xmas prezzies, which are awesome, I must say.
Not quite as awesome as my llama, which has real llama wool on it. FYI llamas are shorn, so no llamas were killed. I wouldn't buy it if they were. I was so happy, because Three L llama is just sooooo cute and because of this, I went slightly mad in the car. I kept squealing and laughing hysterically.
I got new boots today too. They're black and sleek Batgirl boots. My gramma made me let her buy me new boots because she hated my cowboy boots and wanted me to match (she doesn't think black and brown mix). She said I could have any pair as long as they were black and cost at the most, $200. I got a pair of $70 boots at DSW (located in that Yuppie haven, Rookwood). I love these new boots. And this is apparently only part of my Xmas present.
Dad and I usually aren't out of the house so much in one day, but mom was just can' with little kids. They annoy us.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Me: *lays in from of heater rotating self every once in a while* *taps fingers on floor and sighs multiple times*
Dad: What's wrong?
Me: *continues tapping* I'm bored. I'm restless
Dad: Oh. *continues watching golf*
Me: Can't I see if Kate wants to do something or something?
Dad: Like what? Come over?
Me: I don't know, see a movie or something.
Dad: Can't we stay home tonight?
Me: *sighs angrily* FINE *rolls over to finish roasting and gets up*
Me:I'm getting online. I have nothing better to do. *walks off angrily*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH The one time I ACTUALLY want to DO something, not only is there NO ONE to do something with, my dad won't take me anywhere.



I think I beat Jess with this one.
i got off the bus and fell straight down onto the pavement, face first. i have pulled my shoulder and jammed both my knees as well as scraped my knees (one bleeds) and both my hands. i am in pain. and the sad thing? i didn't trip or get caught on anything or miss a step. i just...fell. I just...Fell. AND IT HURTS.

Thursday, December 11, 2003


*sigh* my eyes hurt. i hate crying.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Next week is exam week. That stinks. There's 3 exams I'm worried about. Algebra 2, Chemistry, and Anthropology, in order. *shudders*
Tomorrow we have to work on our project in Art Club for Anthropology. YAY! I get to take in a TON of posterboard!! >.> On the bright side, Jon's coming over. We're gonna study chemistry (shut UP jenny!!).
It's been SUCH a long week and it's only tuesday. I went Xmas shopping today!!!!!!!!

Ooook. Now, i'm gonna go look for pictures for the anthro project. I hope our color ink holds.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

And all that jazz!! 

I just watched Chicago!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

"He ran onto my knife. He ran onto my knife ten times."
The Cell Block Tango is the BESTEST part of the movie. *nods*

I wish I could sing and dance like that. I have no grace, fluidity, or coordination. Nor do I have that sexyness that Catherine Zeta-Jones has. *sigh* or the singing voice, or talent...or or or...

Went to take PLAN. Really easy.
Then went to record convention in KY. I bought a Beatles 2004 calender and a Led Zeppelin patch thing that's really big and cool.
Then dad took me to Burger King and then I went to the library for the Teen Advisory Board. We talked about the Summer Reading Program, made displays of the Photo contest winners and then played Pictionary and ate Oreos.
Then went home and read lovely lovely manga.

Tomorrow: MUST TYPE SENTENCE OUTLINE and Grace, Nessa, and Jenny are coming over to work on the project.

Aaand now, i'm out.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Blog is back 

I haven't blogged in quite a while. Prolly cuz I haven't had time to get online or I haven't been on very long in the first place.
Dinner was so good tonight. I had to say that. It was the best dinner I've had in the longest time. Nummy crock pot made potatoes, beef, and carrots. Good old timey warm tasty nummy meat and potatoes dinner. *nods happily*
I'm happy. Ware is talking to me.
This week has been LONG and full of tests and quizes. Anthro test, Chem quiz, math test (AHHH), something else, something else...oh. spanish...something else...
*thinks* oy. this has been SUCH A LONG WEEK. And it's COLD . And I DON"T LIKE the cold.
*sigh*OOOH! Happyness. Neopets has the advent calender up! Free stuff for my Neopets!
This weekend, I have so much to do...take the PLAN (bleargh), do that Teen Advisory Board thing, and have the Anthro group come over.
It feels like there's something else I wanted to say...

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